Having served big business by building SME portfolios to meet compliance, business and strategic requirements since 2004, our service capabilities are deep, robust and impactful.

Strategy & Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

We facilitate the development of Enterprise and Supplier, Preferential Procurement or Localisation strategy and policy within your organisation to meet desired and stated objectives, including:

  • BEE SME procurement targets
  • tender/concession SME procurement targets
  • supplier localisation requirements/targets

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SME Sourcing & Selection

SME Sourcing & Selection

We work with you to source and select SMEs to fulfil your strategy and meet your supply chain needs. We use extensive tool sets, channels and relationships to support our search to ensure we bring the best SMEs to your door.

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SME Business Development & Training

SME Business Development & Training

Our widely recognised history of starting, building and growing businesses led to our ability to work with and support SMEs. Our business development and growth programmes support Start-Up, Early Stage, Growth Stage, Innovation and Transformation requirements, to build businesses that are reliable, competitive and scalable supporting increased procurement spend and ensure sustainable service delivery.

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SME Funding & Fund Management

SME Funding & Fund Management

We offer the most cost-effective funded business development support programme in South Africa. Our fund management service includes:

  • funding needs assessments based on a strategic gap analysis;
  • funding readiness assessments and boot camps;
  • establish, manage and operate SME equity funds; and
  • a S12J, Financial Services Board registered, SARS approved equity funding platform.

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Programme Management & Impact Reporting

Programme Management & Impact Reporting

We design programmes to implement your strategy, work with cross-functional teams and monitor progress towards stated objectives. Our reporting, both at an individual SME level and an SME portfolio level, addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders including trustees, directors, boards, corporate sub-committees, legislative stakeholders, etc.

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Case Studies

  • ESD points secured

    ESD points secured

    The uncertain economy coupled with the need for good BEE scores left this industrial client in a conundrum. How can they preserve cashflow in these uncertain times whilst ensuring that they secure their ESD points?

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  • Delivering points in 2 days

    Delivering points in 2 days

    It was a busy and frustrating year. The politics of the day impacted the economy and our client was frustrated. Time had gone by and suddenly, 2 days before their annual BEE verification, they realised that they had not met their ESD obligations.

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  • Securing tenders and dealing with set-aside contracts

    Securing tenders and dealing with set-aside contracts

    Our client secured a tender but it carried massive localisation obligations. A localised supply chain had to be delivered within 3 years at a 60% target. Over the period, a fund was established and capitalised to the value of R200m.

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  • Chasing PP points

    Chasing PP points

    Industrial Sector Client needed to increase its performance on its ESD score. The full ESD budget was being spent each year earning the full 15 points. It was preferential procurement that was the challenge.

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  • Sourcing and selecting black, youth owned businesses

    Sourcing and selecting black, youth owned businesses

    A tech client wanted to identify and build 30 rock-star youth based tech enterprises. Aurik ran a source and search activity which yielded 918 applicants within 2 weeks.

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  • On boarding Black Owned SME Suppliers

    On boarding Black Owned SME Suppliers

    After receiving a call from our client regarding protest action around their mine site, Aurik was on a plane. The local community were protesting the lack of opportunity provided by the mine.

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Using our services, we build customised solutions to meet your compliance and strategic objectives. We also offer off-the-shelf solutions when your time to verification has run out.

Five steps to your customised solution

Enterprise Development

We have a range of solutions to meet your timelines, commitments and budget to secure your Enterprise Development points.

Supplier Development

We work with you to develop your SD strategy and support implementation by sourcing, selecting, building and growing beneficiary SMEs.

Preferential Procurement

After confirming the procurement spend that needs to be allocated to qualifying SME suppliers, we source, select and accelerate qualifying, capable suppliers, either on a portfolio basis or individual basis.


We work with you to support your SME supplier set-aside requirements on tenders by sourcing, selecting and capacitating qualifying SMEs to contribute services and products to your standards to support your final delivery to your clients.

Localisation Development

We acquire a deep understanding of your product value chain and procurement standards to build out and capacitate a local SME supplier or customer portfolio.

Local Economic Development

Using three delivery models, we work across all provinces to support your delivery of your LED obligations.

Corporate SME Incubator

We support the development of your own, internal business incubator to manage your ESD requirements and include the systems and capabilities to source, select, develop and fund SMEs.

ESD Funds

We offer ESD funds through a Section 12J Venture Capital structure as a funded ESD solution. We include ESD strategy, sourcing, selecting, growing and funding your SME beneficiaries to meet your supply chain requirements.