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About Aurik

Aurik Enterprise Development has a Level 2 B-BBEE rating and is majority black owned.

Every day we work with entrepreneurs in growing businesses, both big and small. We believe that true entrepreneurship is more about attitude and less about business ownership. An entrepreneurial attitude sees opportunity in problems and abundance over scarcity. It drives innovation and raises standards of excellence. It underpins our work in supplier development by building big business through small business to create a vibrant, robust and inclusive South African economy. This ethos underpins our value system and our can-do approach. This is our DNA.

Aurik Enterprise Development began in 2004 with the advent of the Codes for Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in South Africa and is today one of South Africa’s foremost Business Development Support (BDS) agencies in Africa.

Aurik Founders

Co-founded by Jackie Mathebula, Carien Engelbrecht and Pavlo Phitidis, Aurik Enterprise Development is now represented by over 50 team members passionately committed to building South Africa by building competitive, vibrant, growing SME’s at scale.

Meet the Chairman

Jackie Mathebula
Executive Chairman

Jackie has worked at operational, executive and board levels in the public and private sectors, including companies such as Edcon Limited, Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited and Gensec Bank. Through his work at the Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Enactus, he spent some nine years mentoring and capacitating start-ups.

Jackie is highly regarded for his ground-breaking strategic work in the mining sector where he aligned stakeholder interests by incorporating Integrated Development Plans (IDP) with Social Labour Plan (SLPs) across multiple municipalities. He was also a key player in the drafting of the Mining Services Sector Charter. As a non-executive director at BuildMax he is responsible for the organisation’s performance across the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard.

As a co-founder of Aurik Enterprise Development, Jackie brings a rich set of experiences in business, government, B-BBEE, business mentoring and strategy.

He completed his Bachelor of Administration degree at the University of Limpopo and has a host of business and leadership qualifications behind him, including an MBA from the University of Pretoria.

Jackie remains actively involved in the development of society through his involvement in several Non-Profit Organisations.

Accreditations & Associations