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Business Owners

How we work

Aurik works with you to help grow your business, enable you to secure supply chain opportunities, deliver reliably and sustainably to your clients.

Together we will build your business so that it thrives in your sector, beyond tenders and ESD structures.

We are always looking for ambitious, capable businesses to consider for our corporate client’s ESD initiatives. Register to join our community of businesses.

Aurik does not offer traditional training through lectures or seminars. We do not consult or advise. Our work includes conveniently scheduled, face-to-face sessions with a number of experts in different business areas – operations, finance, positioning and others, to help you to structure these systems in your own business. These systems are critical to building your business into an Asset of Value™.

An Asset of Value™

An Asset of Value™ is a business positioned to win in a changing, competitive world, enabled by reliable operating procedures and systems, empowered by a high-performance team to generate consistent organic growth.

The Asset of Value™ is constructed in 5 sequential layers to create a single business growth system which will form the framework of all of our work together.

Reasons to work with Aurik


Business Growth

You will build, grow and accelerate the development of your business – unless you grow it, no one else will.


Personal Growth

You will advance, develop and attain skills to build and grow your business – No one will ever be able to take this
away from you.


Corporate Supply Chains

You will build your business to succeed in entering, serving and sustaining relationships with corporate supply chains.


Business Funding

You will build a fundable business that gets access to funding that will support your growth and enable you to serve more business and bigger business.

Market Access

You will build your business beyond one deal. A sustainable, valuable business has many clients and we work with you to ensure that.


You will build your business into your greatest wealth generating asset. Through this you will secure your family’s future and your legacy.

Business growth testimonials



  • Turnover: Financials unknown
  • Staff: 5
  • Clients: Focused on 1


  • Turnover: Increased 61%
  • Staff: Increased 40%
  • Clients: Awarded contract for major consumer electronics brand
  • Listed on government database
  • Working with retail partner to diversify sectors and spread risk


Owner: Tshepo Mokholo


  • Started the business 2007
  • Worked from his garage
  • 1 client
  • 0 Employees


  • Turnover: R36 million per annum
  • Scale: 6 branches
  • Job creation: 73 staff by end of programme, and growing
  • Clients: 63
  • Assets: a fleet of trucks and vehicles including 2 brand new 35 tonne Volvos


Owner: Renika Rungan


  • Took over the business in 2015
  • Worked on an average 6 vehicles per week
  • No accreditation
  • Not on most insurance company panels
  • Employed 5 staff members


  • Working on an average 21 vehicles per week
  • Awarded Platinum Service Provider by Santam
  • Top ranking autobody supplier for OUTsurance
  • Turnover grown 150%
  • Employs 11 staff members

Join our Database

We work with many of South Africa’s biggest corporates as well as multinationals. They demand that we work with the best businesses in their sectors and regions.

If you would like access to these opportunities, select any that are suited to you, or complete the form to register to be added to our database for future opportunities.